Zouq brings a variety of flavors to the shared working space at Works Progress Seattle. Zouq brought its 4 flavors to the ground and members found a flavor each of them could get behind. Zouq has found a market in shared work spaces where it can directly reach these mavericks who work outside the rules of traditional establishments. Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and other business and creative individuals are always willing to try something new and go beyond the known frontier. Zouq caters to their adventurous spirit and offers them a snack that keeps them coming back for more.

WHERE: Seattle, WA
WHEN: November 2014

Zouq is growing rapidly! Spreading its distribution across the West Coast, Seattle is Zouq’s new frontier which requires discovery. Bringing the taste of the exotic South East to its doorstep, Zouq has brought a blend of snacks that remind Asians of home and introduces a flavorful explosion to people of all races. Pursuing a mission of discovery of exotic tastes, Zouq has created a product that touches your tastebuds intimately and with just the right amount of sensual pleasure to remind you of the land of the yogis.