Vegan Life is a meetup platform which allows vegans to come together for their shared love of the vegan cuisine. Zouq has a solid presence within this category as our products are vegan certified and they are flavorful as well. Zouq has carved a niche in the vegan community and has quickly grown in popularity thanks to offering customers a variety of options to choose from. Zouq is the perfect companion for a vegan lifestyle.

WHERE: Seattle, WA
WHEN: November 2014

Vegan Life is a meetup group which meets frequently to share food suggestions and products that comply to the vegan diet. Zouq offers vegans a spicy, salty, or savory snack item that can bring them a flavorful meal for their daily lives. Easy to open, easy to use and delectable to eat… Zouq has vegans covered for their snack cravings.