Carmel Blue and Zouq partnered to offer the neo-natal members a short intro into the benefits of eating natural and organic snacks that will protect the health of mothers and their child. Zouq has options of light snacks rich in proteins in the form of Golden Lentils and it’s signature taste and easy serving allow mothers to grab a quick bite during their cravings when making a sandwich is just too much trouble.

WHERE: San Francisco, CA
WHEN: November 2014

Carmel Blue offers classes to prepare about-to-be mothers on healthy living, eating and caring for their children. The classes incorporate yoga and other meditation techniques to offer spiritual and mental relief in such a momentous occasion in mother’s lives. Zouq is proud to be able to sponsor events where young mothers, especially yoga minded ones, gather. Our products from the South East bring a cultural component that complements the yogi teachings which would be lacking otherwise. Zouq brings a sensory support to the meditation and yoga process and can also be a snack that simply satisfies your urges in a GMO Free and All Natural form.