The Gentle Barn hosted the Open Barn Sunday to bring families closer to nature and spread their message of teaching kindness to animals, people and the planet. Zouq wanted in on the project as missions with such altruistic purpose is what we believe in as a brand. Zouq wishes for intercultural harmony through understanding and appreciating of different foods and a venue hosting open-minded individuals is ideal for us to present our communication in a hostile free environment.

WHERE: Santa Clarita, CA
WHEN: October 12th, 2014

Sampling Zouq products at open air events is the ideal setting for bringing our message to people. By being one with nature you are willing to embrace the beauty of the world and this beauty manifests most prominently in our foods. The South East Asian culture holds tightly to the outdoors and Zouq is able to present its message to consumers as well in a shared welcoming space.