Zouq partnered with Green Business Networking at Santa Monica this week to be visible in the Green community. Zouq is an All Natural product, with bio degradable packaging which is beneficial for the world and our environment. The Green Business Networking participants were able to enjoy the tastes of the South East right at their doorstep without having to travel thousands of miles for the experience (saving on gas and money – how much greener can you get?)

WHERE: Santa Monica, CA
WHEN: October 14th, 2014

Green Business Networking is a non-profit organization which brings together like-minded socially conscious citizens to enjoy a networking event where they can share business and social contacts and develop the industry to welcome in new talent and grow the industry as a whole. Zouq partnered at the event offering snacks to bring the event a meal that was reflective of their efforts and which shared their same vision of an environmental and world freindly organization.