Runners, hikers and other athletes were treated to a surprise at Runyon Canyon Park this week as Zouq was present to offer them a treat at the end of their gruelling run. The Runyon Canyon Park was filled with smiles and laughs breaking through sweaty brows as visitors found Zouq present to offer them a complimentary snack. Who says exercise wasn’t rewarding?!

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA
WHEN: October 11th, 2014

Zouq approached dozens of runners and athletes at Runyon Canyon Park to offer them insight into the nutritional value of Zouq snacks. High on protein, zero on artificial ingredients and a flavorful punch, Zouq left an impression on the runners and the reward of free snacks for a good workout warmed up many and all to the Zouq brand. Thats what we love seeing, smiling faces and glistening abs.