ECOSYSTM is a shared work space with a specific model of encouraging healthy living, maintaining happiness and making a meaningful impact on the lives of its members. Zouq believes that happiness and balance are a must in people’s lives and the perfect balance can come through discovery and exploration. Definitely that of the food kind. Keeping that in mind, ECOSYSTM members were treated to Zouq during office hours to bring them some culture and exposure to a world of flavor and tastes.

WHERE: San Francisco, CA
WHEN: November 2014

Following its model of bringing new tastes and experiences right where you are, Zouq partnered with ECOSYSTM to bring its members a delectable experience with snacks that offered them an alternative to the salads and sandwiches they had any other day. The spices brought a rich appreciation of the world around them and the taste transported them to a distant land of color and beauty.