Zouq has recently been very visible in shared work spaces and StartupHouse is a similar project which houses numerous freelancers and entrepreneurs who share common space. Zouq provided snacks this month to entice trial among these young business people, who found the wide variety of flavors to be packing quite a tangy flavorful punch. The brand’s four unique product offerings had something for everyone and StartupHouse members discovered that there need for a salty snack or a fiery spicy meal could easily be satisfied by our portable and easy to carry pouches. Zouq Snacks introduced the South East Asian flavor to their San Francisco office (we hope enticing some people to become South Asian cuisine fans).

WHERE: San Francisco, CA
WHEN: November 07th & 15th, 2014

Zouq continues to offer the best South East Asian snacks to its consumers finding them where they work and offering them free samples and trials to introduce the exotic taste of the region to their doorstep. Zouq has 4 unique flavors including Curry Crunch, Fiery Ramayana, Golden Lentils and Golden Jubilee Mix each having its own signature blend and taste which entices consumers of its specific appeal.