Zouq was present at the 27th PNA Winter Beer Tasting Event at the Phinney Neighborhood Association. Zouq is a snack that crosses various tastebuds and can be consumed numerous ways as citizens of Seattle found out. One such way is with a nice cold beer.

WHERE: Seattle, WA
WHEN: November 08th, 2014

Zouq is dominating the West coast from California all the way to Seattle Washington. The 27th PNA Winter Beer Tasting event offered us a means of bringing our product to the adult segment that is bored of the same old peanuts and pretzels at their regular bar. Offering a cultural and taste shift from the norm, Zouq highlighted how snacks from around the world can just as easily become substitutes to the staples and that a bowl of Curry Crunch of Jubilee Mix may in fact change the way you look at South Asian Snacks for the rest of your life.