Zouq promotes healthy living. And playing volleyball is as healthy as you can ever get. Zouq partnered with Volleyball Ventures to bring the tastes from exotic lands to exotic beaches to enjoy. Matching the healthy lifestyle of its patrons, Zouq offered a healthy delectable snack offering that would bring members a flavorful spike in their life while offering a boost in their energy levels as well.

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA
WHEN: November 09th, 2014

Volleyball requires focus and dedication. Zouq requires a healthy tastebud and a passion for trying out something new. Mix them both together and you have an experience worth jumping in the air for. Zouq enjoys being around healthy people and Volleyball Ventures seeks partners who share a similar vision. Zouq is the perfect snack for members of the health community and their tribes are reflective of our beliefs and values.