Zouq helped offer nourishment and a pick-me-up snack for members at the Pure Barre Beverly Hills yoga gym. The new yoga clubs have taken the West coast by storm and their revolutionary and clear cut franchise practices offer amazing customer service for members. Zouq was able to bring these healthy minded individuals snacks post workout so they could replenish on needed nutrients and gain back energy in a healthy morsel.

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA
WHEN: October 25th, 2014

Yogis have amazing control over their minds and bodies, and their teachings are reflective in the vision of our company. Zouq is a product with South East origins not unlike Yoga and members often find a simple bite of Zouq snacks can offer them a taste into the lives and thoughts of people of the region. By appreciating the food of the land, you can know the people and share their philosophy at a greater level. Zouq offers a way for yoga practitioners to pass through the gate of enlightenment, one bite at a time.