Farmer’s markets are the heart of a community with local farmers bringing their wares and stalls set up highlighting local businesses. Zouq loves the market atmosphere and wants to participate to bring the exotic tastes of the South East to dinner tables everywhere. We brought along our 4 unique flavors and trials were a resounding success!

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA
WHEN: April 6th, 2014

Zouq visits numerous events and exhibitions but it is most at home at Farmer’s markets. We meet the community, we can answer their curiousity and introduce the taste of the East directly to our dear consumers. From the Fiery Ramayana to the Sweet & Salty Jubilee Mix, visitors at Farmer’s markets always find something of interest to them. We pride ourselves on our flavorful offerings and our presence at the Farmer’s market in LA helped us get our products directly in our consumers health conscious hands.