Manhattan Beach Moms love our products. Zouq was present at their recent event and our snacks were the talk of the event as the four unique flavors offered mommies options for their children to snack on (while sneaking a bite in themselves). Zouq has gradually become a staple at these events and we are proud of these mommies and their kiddies who take time to bond in their togetherness regardless of race, culture or differences. That’s the harmony we love to see!

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA
WHEN: October 09th, 2014

Continuing with our partnership with Manhattan Beach Moms, Zouq was present at the recent event to bring our tastes back to the mommies who love a healthy nutritional snack for their children. These snacks are light, easy to carry and offer just the right amount of flavor to keep your kid interested and you worry-free about the product ingredients. All Natural GMO Free Zouq snacks are just the products to address mommy concerns on what to feed their little ones between meals.