The Discovery of Exotic Flavors

South Asia is home to countless different cultures and beliefs. It has hundreds of religions and sects and thousands of races living together. But where this region truly stands apart is in its love of food.

Zouq wishes to help bring the tastes of 2 billion people – spanning 1.7 million square miles – to our foodies and epicureans all over the world. These exotic flavors take you on a sensory journey where your tastebuds are tingled and excited for a thirst of travel and adventure.

Every flavor of Zouq tells a story. It covers the Fiery Ramayana which will spice up your buds to new levels, the Romance of Basant welcoming in the joy of Spring and all it has to offer in a mild salty offering. The intensity of South Asian Weddings are captured in our Jubilee Mix which will offer a blend of crunch and sweetness while our Curry Crunch symbolizes the sharpness of the sensual Kathak dance.

Join Zouq in exploring new flavors and senses from all over the world and join the tribe which hopes to bring cultures and people together through the most loving and caring means possible. Sharing Food!

Discover Flavors. Discover Zouq.

Taste of Culture

Zouq - Anchovies Pizza

Hold the anchovies. But why?

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Anchovies and Pizza Stay Together. Anchovies and pizza have a tangled relationship with one another. On the one hand, they’re a pairing as known as wine and cheese, but on...

Quinoa Reputation

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Quinoa and Its (rightful) Super-food Reputation. Believe it or not, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) first jumped on to the American food scene over 100 years ago at the very beginning of...
Zouq-Argentenian Wine

What you don’t know about Argentine wine.

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Some little known facts about Argentine wine. Argentine wine is regarded internationally for its robust range of flavors, textures, and varieties, however it was only until relatively recently that this...

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Share Your Food, Share Your Culture

Our world has seen rapid growth of awareness through the advent of the internet. But where the internet can offer you a window looking into the lives of billions of people the world over, a single meal shared together will tell you about their hopes, their passions, their tenacity and their attitude towards life itself.

As each culture is unique in its own way, their is beauty to be seen in the ceremony of preparing and serving food. Zouq believes that everyone should, at least once, experience these new tastes to broaden their perspectives and horizons. We believe that traveling is the greatest educator and food is the best gift. Bringing the two together we believe in a principal mission:

Bring Cultures Together Through The Power of Food.

We would love to hear from YOU! Your experiences, your tastes, your adventures and your life is a motivator for us. Zouq wants to bring the foodies, the travelers, the epicureans, the adventurers, the brave & the bold together so we can all learn from each other and introduce ourselves to this fascinating and rewards world around us!

Join our Tribe and be part of the Cultural Discovery Movement!